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WWF and Cyberbrothers are pleased to announce the results of the video competition for Earth Hour

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) together with media portal Cyberbrothers announce the results of the international competition of video works to promote Earth Hour across the globe. The topic of the competition was «Earth Hour with WWF» or «What can be done in one hour to help the planet?».

There are only few days left prior to Earth Hour, which takes place on March 27. Earth Hour is organized by WWF. Last year this campaign became the biggest in the history of mankind. Its goal is to attract attention of people all over the planet to climate change and environmentally friendly lifestyle. This symbolic action encourages people throughout the world to turn off the lights for one hour on March 27 at 20:30 local time.

Cyberbrothers and WWF announce the results of the video contest — «Earth Hour with WWF», which encourages to think about what can be done in one hour to help the planet. The works were selected by the following criteria — value for the planet, originality of ideas and quality of execution. Winners were determined by a jury composed of WWF representatives and Cyberbrothers experts, taking into account audience votes.

The winner of the money prize from Cyberbrothers became NickC and his work «Take care of the future». WWF would like to highlight the humour of another author – Natasha Stepanova with her work «Primary dualism of perception of surrounding reality». Also, video work of Alia «Flick the switch» will run on advertising screens in Moscow.

Other authors who received encouraging prizes:

Special award received 2 works which WWF Russia plans to use for its Forest Programme: Egoshina Kristina — «Protect a paper — will save up wood! and ohotenko — «Save the forest».

WWF and Cyberbrothers thank all the authors for their work and invites everyone to take part in Earth Hour on 27th March, at 20.30! (www.wwf.ru/60)

Additional information

Cyberbrothers (cyberbrothers.tv) — is an international community of people working in all genres of video and music. It aims to create a unique, exciting social environment, pursues the formation of a new culture and development of new ways of expression and communication.

Earth Hour (www.wwf.ru/60) was first held in Sydney (Australia) in March 2007. People, cities and businesses around the world turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change, appeal to save electricity and attract world attention to this problem. In March 2008 the movement took a planetary scale with more than 50 million people participating. Many world-famous buildings and landmarks stood in darkness for an hour. In 2009, 88 countries and 4,088 cities took part in Earth Hour (10 times more than in 2008, when 400 cities participated). Thus, Earth Hour has become not only the world’s largest global climate change initiative, but also the biggest mass rally in the history of mankind!

For further information:
Ekaterina Levitskaya elevitskaya@wwf.ru +7 495 727 09 39 or +7 916 185 61 29 (mobile)