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Name: YLOTANA Project
City: London, Milan, Moscow
Works: audio: 12, video: 12
Registered: 07.12.2009
Last login: 18.02.2010 17.40
Рейтинг: 4
Website: www.ylotana.com
Myspace ylotana
Vimeo ylotanaproject
About me:

YLOTANA Project is a unique alternative music band, which was born in the consciousness of people, who are infinitely devoted to art. It represents a certain musical, literary and visual art symbiosis. The vision of this project is to expand the role of art in people's day-to-day lives. The realization of this idea is done by continuously experimenting with visual, acoustic and written aspects of art in a way, which resonates with vibrancy and passion that is almost childlike in its exploration. The key idea of this project is to utilize graphic art, animation, comics, insightful stories and deeply explorative experimental music in order to provide a unique 4D multimedia image, which titillates the senses, borders on the transcendent, but is still very accessible to the masses. Provocative at its roots, the uplifting mixture of instrumental and electronic music reveals much about the transient yet somehow permanent nature of life itself. The emotional stories often explore the morals of our modern society as they reflect on numerous aspects of human existence. And the visuals in the form of comics and animation provide the framework within which this multimedia representation can exist and evolve.

The idea is to create something visionary and precise, magnetic and real, raw and untamed, something that doesn’t just entertain people, but also emotionally and spiritually feeds them.

In time such music, literature and art hybrids may become the norm if not the exception. In the end, Ylotana Project may be able to achieve the very goal we hope for, a return to the explorative innocence of music that has a true spiritual foundation.
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Ylotana Project I am You

YLOTANA Project Ylotana @ RTS.FM Moscow Studio

Ylotana Project Ylotana Project @ ARMA

Ylotana Project swirl

Ylotana Project sonic boom

YLOTANA Project Проект будущего

YLOTANA Project Ylotana Project @ MIGZ Festival

YLOTANA Project dance for the snow queen

YLOTANA Project back to the future

YLOTANA Project afterglow

Ylotana Project Panic in Paradise

Ylotana Project Micro Mir

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Ylotana Project bubbles

Ylotana Project Lotus Flower

Ylotana Project Running through the stars

Ylotana Project Waking up in a Dream

Ylotana Project Freedom at last

Ylotana Project Numerology lesson

Ylotana Project The Ultimate Experiment

Ylotana Project The Son of a Great Wizard

Ylotana Project Time Patrol

Ylotana Project My Little God feat. Lusy Grin

Ylotana Project White Magic

Ylotana Project Annotation to Life

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