• onedotzero

    onedotzero is a contemporary digital arts organisation with a remit to promote innovation across all forms of moving image and motion arts. activities encompass public events, artist and content development, publishing
    projects, education, production, creative direction, curation and related commercial consultancy services.

    onedotzero is critically acclaimed for producing the ann...

  • YLOTANA Project

    YLOTANA Project is a unique alternative music band, which was born in the consciousness of people, who are infinitely devoted to art. It represents a certain musical, literary and visual art symbiosis. The vision of this project is to expand the role of art in people's day-to-day lives. The realization of this idea is done by continuously experimenting with visual, acoustic and written as...

  • Punto y Raya

    punto y raya

    NOVEMBER 25th to 29th 2009
    Arts Santa Monica
    La Rambla 7, 08002
    Barcelona · Spain

    No figuration, only dots and lines as ends in themselves. The "most abstract" festival in the world posses a creative challenge to study and reflect upon the essence of form and movement. Go back to basics!


  • 404 Festival


    "404" is a independent non profit project whose main goal is to promote and spread artistic productions around the world in field of Electronic Art, creating also a production enviroment in which authors can exhibit their works and interrelate.
    Starting from an anual international calling and the subsequent selection of works, "404" supports...

  • lightrhythmvisuals

    Great Britain/ Japan/ France
    An independent visuals label, that accommodates more than 30 international multi-disciplinary visual artists. ...

  • Greenpeace

    Greenpeace is an independent international organization which aims to preserve nature and peace on the planet. To do this, we change people's attitudes to the natural resourses of the Earth.
    Greenpeace started in 1971 as a group of like-minded individuals who commited themselves to set an example and contribute to solving environmental problems by protests. Today our organization...

  • WWF

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the largest public charities in the world, with more than 40 years experience of working for nature conservation globally. Each year WWF commits itself to more than 1200 environmental projects, attracting the attention of millions of people to environmental problems and their solutions.
    The mission of WWF is the prevention of the increasing degrad...

  • esff

    Extra Short Film Festival (ESFF) / Moscow
    The main condition of participation in ESFF is the limit on the length of film - 60 seconds or less.
The films also should contain attributes of the so-called "feature-length pictures" - title, plot, ending. Festival accepts film entries of any genre (narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, etc., accompanied by filled applic...

  • MrFreeman