aple_restrukture remix competition



To mark the release of the aple.ep by celebrated av artist Amoeba, lightrhythm is working in collaboration with CyberBrothers to host «restrukture» a competition that invites an online audience to take part in the aple process — aple/arrange.process.loop.edit

For this project you are invited to download the 7 free HD loops from the RESTRUKTURE LOOP PACK; a selection of HD motion loops, visual typographical vectors, pixel melodies, and glitch edits for use within the competition.

There is a chance to win the full lightrhythm dvd collection (10 discs + goodies), 5 runners up will receive a selection of lightrhythm DVDs and the best entries will also be selected to feature on a forthcoming APLE dvd.ALBUM by Amoeba — so take part by remixing your own aple_restrukture to be included on the official ALBUM release.


Download the HD Loops and vector files from the following location — http://lightrhythmvisuals.com/restrukture
These are midi-video edited, av sequences, and reactive creative code movies, re-edited and synched exclusively for the competition, and the evolving process.

Use these loops and vector files to restructure, mix, mash, wipe, stutter, glitch, sequence and edit in anyway you wish; combine with your own av work, film work, animation, visual music, creative code, use them as movie textures for 3d models, project/map them on to buildings and film the result...do something creative!

Use any sofware/hardware/code/video combination to make your aple_restrukture and save as 1280×720 quicktime movie with audio.

The most interesting and creative will be featured on the album dvd release. The winner of the prizes will be announced on September the 1st and will be selected and announced on CyberBrothers site by Amoeba.


Scott McPherson started to work under the alias Amoeba in Glasgow, Scotland in 1995, as a one man creative design studio, providing art-direction for branding, print, motion graphics and music videos.

His experimental style quickly emerged as a performance element as he approached visuals and then audiovisual stages throughout the UK and Europe. His techniques are now commonly emulated on television and in advertising and his influenced has been recognized internationally recently featured in WIRED magazine.


/aple.ep_micro-glitchmachinefunk was originally compiled and sequenced using ableton+arkaos+resolume, utilising 5-12 frame micro av quicktime samples, taken from the full length, 21 track visual music album. They are midi-video edited, av sequences, and reactive creative code movies, re-edited and synched exclusively for people who care.

> 7 original version av tracks
+ 7 remixed reaction edits
x 7 re-sequenced abstraction mixes
= aple.album.dvd

Download press release


Its possible to purchase a clip extension pack which is available from lightrhythm visuals

The pack includes an additional 12 HD loops and can be used in addition to the free clips provided to extend the possibilities of the remix. It is not compulsory to purchase this extension pack.
The pack is available for the nominal price of $9.99

Pick up the x10tion pack clips here : http://www.lightrhythmvisuals.com/catalog/?p=116

Pick up the full ep here (you will also receive a download link to the disc image): http://www.lightrhythmvisuals.com/catalog/?p=113

/ AAV: www.aavaple.info
/ AMOEBA: www.theestateovcreation.co.uk; [e] amoeba@theestateovcreation.co.uk
/ Lightrhythm Visuals: www.lightrhythmvisuals.com/news; [e] info@lightrhythmvisuals.com
/ СyberBrothers: cyberbrothers.tv/about; [e] info@cyberbrothers.tv

Quicktime movie files are for use in the aple_restrukture competition only.
All audio and video copyright amoeba design/theestateovcreation 2010.

ALL vector files are in .pdf format, just open in illustrator/after effects/photoshop/processing and use/print/animate any size/resolution you wish.

All movie files are 1280×720 25fps photo jpeg codec, audio 44.1 khz linear pcm

AAV respect 2 those who know : as without whom...
marc adamo, ben sheppee, vadim epstein, antokhio, pitch visuals, stable av, tom wall, dubassy, robofunk, the entire lightrhythm crew, spark av, dr mo, vision r, dothy, russian vj+techno mafia, filmtiki, stuttgart media lab, Professor Fried Dahn and all those artists fighting in the electronic media trenches, that have inspired the AAV output over the years.

Please respect the creative time spent in making these av motion loops and vectors, made especially for this EP dvd release in order to willingly see them evolve, with other similar minds, mashed up and pixel smeared beyond our vision, combining with your own creative work as well to enhance the genetic evolution of the aple_process.

«They are NOT for use for resale, for pretending you made them, or for mixing over trance. If you decide to rip these files and upload and use in any commercial way without my or lightrhythms permission. I will find you and punch you very hard, repeatedly...FACT.» Scott McPherson (Amoeba).

Thank you for your contribution in advance, and to hope for your involvement in a creative, evolving process !!!