Cyberbrothers respects your privacy.

Everyone says that, but we difference between us and others is that we really mean it. As a matter of fact, we try our best and go to great lengths to collect only information necessary for improving our services and advertising activities.

This information is securely stored on our servers and not shared with any third parties, except as required by law or if such a need would arise from our service, technical or maintenance needs. In case when your personal information is transferred to such parties, we request to keep all your personal details secure.

Please keep in mind that your shared activity on site or any personal information voluntary disclosed by you online (e.g., your uploads, comments, profile page details) is not regarded as personal, as it is available in public domain. This disclosure doesn’t mean that we harvest such data for commercial purposes, or misuse our general privacy policy in any way.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you may opt to decline or delete cookies by changing your browser settings. However, it may affect some of your account features or our site may not function properly. For more information, please read our full Privacy Policy.


We do use cookies and web beacons, may record your IP-address and ask you some questions about yourself, such as your age, interests and where you live. We also may collect information on your user activities, such as the size of your transfers, what pages you visited, what video watched and what tracks you have listened to. It is simple — we want to know who uses our services and collect demographic data in order to deliver information, which you can find relevant and interesting, instead of wasting your time and polluting cyberspace. It is also necessary for maintaining full functionality — channels, groups and subscriptions on our site.

Cyberbrothers reserves the right to share the collected information in aggregate form, which is not individually identifiable. We also reserve right to use your personal details, such as e-mail for providing you with relevant information regarding our services, related to your and your friends’ activity feed, or if it concerns your account functionality — such as password recovery, or confirmations of your activities are requested.

We also may forward you promotional e-mails, newsletters, information about events and competitions, et cetera. To stop receiving them you can unsubscribe by following the links provided inside.

You also may request that all your personal details will be deleted. This would mean full disruption of our additional services to you as to registered user and such a decision is irreversible, as all the information about you will be erased from our system.

In addition to what we have stated above, we would like to mention that Cyberbrothers links to and affiliates with other sites and parties. We are not responsible for their privacy policies.

We may occasionally update our Privacy Policy without prior notice to reflect changes in our practices and services. Please be sure to check sometimes, if such changes have occurred.

Cyberbrothers сохраняет за собой право на изменения в политике конфиденциальности без предварительного уведомления, если необходимость в этом возникнет из практики или в силу внешних обстоятельств. Мы рекомендуем вам иногда проверять, если такие изменения имели место.

These Privacy Policy terms and conditions were updated on October 22, 2009.