"Coming to a screen near you!"- Cybercinema is a special screening program prepared for projection spaces in galleries or event spaces or cinema environements. It includes short films and animations from our authors selected on themes and blossoms a culturally rich insight into new digital media and creative visual arts.
Cybercinema has already successfully screened in Melbourne, Moscow, New York City, Kyoto, Tokyo, London, Osaka, Berlin, Gijon, Madrid, Manchester, Bucharest, Valencia and Tenerife.

Cybercinema screenings will be in Mumbai, Dehli, Bimtal (India) and in Derby (USA) in January and February

We are inviting organizers to take part in the unique opportunity to organize a screening in your local area, bringing inspiration and creativity to your audiences and adding diversity to your program.

There are plenty of reasons for you to organize a screening:

  • The program hosts a great collection of creative freedom — to inspire and promote creative pursuits in your area.
  • Instant recognition — linking with promoters around the world to take part in this global screening program.
  • Because Cybercinema is for talented and interesting crowds. People like you and your audiences.
  • Independent media in public spaces is on the rise and improving our social experience.

+++ many other worthy causes.

For instance, your shop, cafe, club or party will have a world-class, unique and fresh video program. :)
For free and 100% legally.

Conditions are simple -

      1) The screenings have to be non profit (asking donations or charging a small fee to promote/produce the event is allowed).
      2) Each screening is agreed to in advance.
      3) We only require that you send us a poster, photos or video from the event.
      4) Works are allowed to be shown only at the event we have agreed about.

The presentation of our first issue, which includes the work of Russian authors, can be downloaded here http://cyberbrothers.tv/uploads/assets/cybercinema.en.pdf
Materials are available on DVD, and, if requested, may be accompanied by English subtitles.
We are currently working on a Cybercinema issue that includes works of our non-Russian authors.

Watch this space for new releases!

For all inquiries, please contact us at cybercinema@cyberbrothers.tv

The program is provided free of charge and resale is prohibited.