CyberBrothers: channel "Our picks" 2010-07-28T19:22:50+04:00 alex varanese — amv my desk is 8bit 2010-07-28T19:22:50+04:00 I recently found myself wondering what a video game might look like in the form of a stop motion animation. While a normal person's response to such a question would of course be "who gives a shit?" I possess few of the qualities typically associated with normalcy and was irrevocably compelled to find out. This is the result. Also, I'd like to think I'm the first person to be inspired by Michel Gondry AND R-Type on the same project. cyberbrother Андрей Головин — Циолковский 2010-07-27T12:57:19+04:00 AG SilaSveta — Magic Tower on the Krysha Mira 2010-07-13T13:27:15+04:00 3D videomapping проекция на ДР Крыши Мира 2010 SilaSveta crosswatta — GOLOD 2010-06-25T16:51:42+04:00 crosswatta vikhornova — Belly button 2010-06-25T16:51:42+04:00 vikhornova Taras Gesh — The Kite Runners - I'LL find you 2010-06-25T16:51:42+04:00 Taras Gesh Misha — Чевенгур/Chevengur 2010-06-25T16:51:41+04:00 анимационный фильм по произведениям Андрея платонова Misha Mira Calix — Lizard Point 2010-06-25T16:51:41+04:00 Mira Calix Mateo Marin — Sence from Nonsence 2010-06-25T16:51:41+04:00 Punto y Raya Delaware — Cry dog cry 2010-06-25T16:51:41+04:00 D-Fuse Сергей Пацкевич — Shiva 2010-06-22T11:34:06+04:00 Страна: Россия Длительность: 02:40 Год: 2010 В работе были использованы кадры из фильма Армена Петросяна и Андрея И «Конструктор красного цвета» (1993) Sergey Сергей Пацкевич — Mushrooms 2010-06-22T11:34:06+04:00 Sergey Студия Toonbox — Загадки шамана, часть 2 2010-06-22T11:34:06+04:00 greenmoon Студия Toonbox — Загадки шамана 2010-06-22T11:34:06+04:00 greenmoon raquel meyers — thriller 2010-06-22T11:34:05+04:00 produced to promote the official release by gameboy musician "saitone" who amazingly managed to license MJs all time hit for an 8 bit remix. Raquel Meyers interpreted the thriller film with her unique aesthetic and dropped 8bit saitone in the middle of the action. lightrhythmvisuals Reza Dolatabadi — Khoda 2010-06-22T11:34:05+04:00 This piece is a magnificent work both in its creativity and the artists’ dedication in painstakingly producing over 6,000 paintings over 2 years to create his graduation film. a psychological thriller that will immerse you in a man’s struggle to hang on to his sanity. This film is distributed by <a href="" target="_blank">onedotzero</a> onedotzero Scott Pagano — The Antikythera Mechanism 2010-06-22T11:34:05+04:00 Scott Pagano Vladimir Todorovic — the snail on the slope 2010-06-22T11:34:05+04:00 Vladimir Todorovic Алексей Романов — LIBERTA 2010-06-22T11:34:05+04:00 romanovfilm Алексей Романов — ЛУЧШИЙ ГОРОД НА ЗЕМЛЕ 2010-06-22T11:34:05+04:00 romanovfilm Алексей Туркус — Случаи (по рассказам Даниила Хармса) 2010-06-22T11:34:05+04:00 turkus Антон Сакара — FIGURES. DUEL. 2010-06-22T11:34:05+04:00 История о дуэли между простыми фигурами. Это битва, сражение умов. Антон Сакара Вадим Вязанцев, Дмитрий Карпов, Сергей Жилин — Гамовер 2010-06-22T11:34:05+04:00 esff Kamikaze Producciones — El Espectro Del Bosque 2010-06-22T11:34:04+04:00 404 Festival Mole Hill — Happy Families - Mr Peep 2010-06-22T11:34:04+04:00 A womaniser's eyes are not to be trusted in this Flash animated short Mole Hill balabaka — Камилла 2010-06-17T15:59:29+04:00 Камилла- красотка из чёрно-белого фильма. Однажды, увидев её на афише,толстый очкарик сходит с ума... balabaka Kol Belov — Objectionable Apparatus 3 2010-06-17T15:59:29+04:00 Strange cyberpunk movies... Warning: the movie contains objectionable scenes! kol-belov Kol Belov — FINDING THE BURIED HATCHET 2010-06-17T15:59:29+04:00 The animated series part for the Kollaps von der Roboter project. When working on your computer, hold on to your scalp! Первый мультфильм из сериала о пока еще не произошедших событиях (проект Kollaps von der Roboter). Сидя за монитором, держись за свой скальп! kol-belov Kol Belov — THE WORMS HAZARD... 2010-06-17T15:59:29+04:00 THE STORY OF STRUGGLE AGAINST THE WORMS HAZARD.. The animated series part for the Kollaps von der Roboter project. Второй мультфильм из сериала о пока еще не произошедших событиях (проект Kollaps von der Roboter). kol-belov Alexander Soloviev — The Hat (Шапка , Даниил Хармс) 2010-06-17T15:59:29+04:00 The Hat is a story written by Russian absurd Writer Daniil Kharms in 1938. The meaning of this story is different for everybody but for me as a director of this film, this story is about the believe and fate. This film was shot in the Drama Center London. Александр Соловьёв Настя Копылова — hallo 2010-06-15T17:07:03+04:00 Настя Копылова Дмитрий Булныгин — Салют 2010-05-28T14:38:51+04:00 bulnygin Дмитрий Булныгин / Dmitry Bulnygin / 2009 — Цветы / Flowers 2010-05-28T14:38:51+04:00 В древности, показать жопу - являлось жестом бесстрашия и презрения к врагу. В современном обществе, демонстрация задниц(ы) является признаком покорности, подчиненности, признания силы и власти зрителя. Данное видео - визуальный плод этой смысловой трансформации. In the ancient time, to show asshole - was gesture of fearlessness and contempt for the enemy. In a contemporary society, demonstration of ass is a sign of humility, subordination, a recognition of force and the power of the spectator. "Flowers" fruits is visual embodiment of this semantic transformation. bulnygin Zabelin — Serpentin 2010-05-28T14:30:41+04:00 The First video of russian techno experimental musician Nikita Zabelin ( was made by russian video designer Stereonoize. This track is official theme of international fashion week "Aurora" in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) Первый клип российского электронного музыканта Никиты Забелина ( на трек Серпантин. Серпантин - официальная тема международной недели моды Aurora Fashion Week ( AFW будет проходить в городе Санкт-Петербурге при поддержке правительства Российской Федерации с 17 по 23 мая 2010 года. ОФИЦИАЛЬНАЯ ПРЕЗЕНТАЦИЯ ВИДЕО: 23/05/2010 - AFW, Манеж, Исакиевская площадь, СПБ Zabelin Mattfrodsham — 2 Inches to the Right 2010-05-28T14:30:41+04:00 Follow up to the award winning 'Blokes'. A mixture of hand rotoscoped and 3D elements created in Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects & the odd scrap of paper. A bit about the poem from Mat Lloyd: "I wrote the poem on a canvas with a marker pen the morning after I was attacked. The night before I was in my local park on the opening day of the skate park I'd helped get built, it was nearly midnight. We'd organised a DJ to play the day out in a marquee and I just popped out to take a leak. In my drunken state I was stumbling to find a bush when I heard, and felt, a sort of 'boink' sound. I knew I'd been hit on the back of the head, and I knew it wasn't with a fist. I don't remember much else other than being back at the marquee with a bleeding head. I was very lucky as a number of my friends and other revelers had spotted me being kicked on the floor and ran over to drag me out. For that I am very grateful. Living near London, the poem has never been retired and still appears in my performance sets. With youth violence seemingly growing year on year, the poem is as relevant now as it was when I wrote it. People blame hip hop culture, movies, video games, parents, the education system, unemployment, the list goes on. I don't have the answer. The saddest thing about "2 Inches to the Right" is all to often, someone from the crowd comes to speak to me after I leave the stage and tells me of their friend who died in a similar situation. The poem gives them hope that some may listen, and think twice." - Mat Lloyd Check out the project blog for in depth production notes and screens: Mattfrodsham Наташа Селезнева — E(:? Pro-tez 14 from Symbols 2010-04-26T12:35:18+04:00 selesneva cyberbrother — Купи диван! 2010-04-22T11:12:31+04:00 cyberbrother cyberbrother — The Universe will soon be compressed into a dot 2010-04-22T11:12:31+04:00 cyberbrother Alexander Turvey — Frankenfashion 2010-04-21T23:49:02+04:00 Just as the mythical Dr Frankenstein took different parts from many human bodies to build a new being, fashion pulls and patches elements from anywhere and everywhere. through this surreal and macabre sequence of events we witness fashion being taken to its most extreme. This film is distributed by <a href="" target="_blank">onedotzero</a> onedotzero cyberbrother — Котлеты в кредит! 2010-04-21T23:49:02+04:00 cyberbrother cyberbrother — A new life awaits you... 2010-04-21T23:49:02+04:00 cyberbrother Ben Sheppee — Interlomas 2010-04-21T23:49:02+04:00 D-Fuse ian shine — Лицедей 2010-04-21T23:49:02+04:00 ian shine Наталья Мальгина — Собачья дверца 2010-04-21T23:49:02+04:00 malgina Олеся Щукина — yellowhead - semolina porridge 2010-04-21T23:49:02+04:00 spitsbergen Murray John — Goodbye London 2010-04-21T23:49:02+04:00 "Goodbye London" Luke Jackson ...And Then Some (album) Directed by Murray John Urban Myth/Popsicle Recordings 2009 lurgy0 Fiona Tsui — Unconventional Romance 2010-04-20T12:39:57+04:00 This is a one shot film about an unconventional romantic dinner for a couples. Fiona Tsui Michael Spahr (VJ Rhaps) — Circle of Greed 2010-04-16T13:38:30+04:00 maybe capitalism is doomed to lead to disaster again and again... Michael Spahr Dan McRae — Dementia: Till Death Us Do Part 2010-04-16T13:37:40+04:00 A touching black comedy zombie romance. It's easy to have your heart broken when you're the walking undead! I made this film for the Movieum of London's 48 Hour Halloween Film Challenge. It will be screened at the Movieum on Halloween night Friday 31st Oct 2008 dmcrae Mateo Marin — Symmetry 2010-04-02T12:50:06+04:00 Punto y Raya Yoshinisa Nakanishi, Japan, 2003 — Беги тетка, беги! / Lady Go! 2010-04-02T12:46:30+04:00 приз за лучший фильм в номинации "видео" / ESF 2002 / best film award in nomination "video" esff Дмитрий Булныгин — Клятва / The Vow 2010-04-02T12:34:27+04:00 bulnygin Bertan Cakgoz — Big Brother Britain 2010-03-24T16:37:25+03:00 Sophisticated surveillance cameras and data recording equipment permeate every aspect of our lives, yet this intrusion remains largely unchallenged by the general public. This animated film explores such security measures, which invade the private lives of citizens. This film is distributed by <a href="" target="_blank">onedotzero</a> onedotzero ujan — Darth Vader's crazy dreamz (dream2) 2010-03-23T13:12:59+03:00 Серия видео экспериментов, постороенных на химических реакциях. Изначально планировалось сделать 3 ролика, но 3тий экперимент (самый интересный) никак не удалось запечатлеть на камеру. Эксперименты продолжаются!) ujan Jake Knight — Salaryman 2010-03-17T12:37:00+03:00 A modern tale of the day to life of a salaryman, shot in Tokyo, it boasts exceptional footage of everyday vistas of this metropolis. His mundane and repetitive life is shown in detail as he attempts to piece together his life using the aid of a pocket camera, after losing his memory. A widescreen mini spectacular as reality is stretched and warped to dramatic effect. Winner of Rushes Short Film Award 2002, London Film Festival TCM Awards 2002 and Official Selection Karlovy Vary 2003. This film is distributed by <a href="" target="_blank">onedotzero</a> onedotzero James Wignall, Ruffmercy + Hush — Tranquility Fat Yak Happy Fun Show 2010-03-17T12:37:00+03:00 One of 17 films taken from PSST!3: a collaborative film series that takes the exquisite corpse drawing game as a starting point and encourages filmmakers to run away with their imaginations. A consequences game of anime and monsters-inspired mayhem. This film is distributed by <a href="" target="_blank">onedotzero</a> onedotzero Света Собченко — Money 2010-02-11T19:07:36+03:00 Света Собченко Ylotana Project — I am You 2010-02-11T19:04:29+03:00 YLOTANA Михаил Иванчук — TVset under repair - Nervuozo Data 2010-02-11T18:51:19+03:00 Музыкальное видео группы TVSet Under Repair murejib Ян Калнберзин — Полёты 2010-02-11T18:47:10+03:00 vrotobral Nik Ska — Food Fiction 2010-02-11T18:38:20+03:00 Внезапно нахлынувшее желание съесть что-нибудь сладкое и запечатлеть этот процесс слились воедино в этой небольшой зарисовке. dokluch Денис Понарин — 5 vignettes 2009-12-30T21:35:28+03:00 Денис Понарин Игорь Шмелев — IRON MOSCOW LOVE 2009-12-30T21:04:43+03:00 Игорь Шмелев vikhornova — The Journey 2009-12-30T14:50:14+03:00 vikhornova Данила Гулин — mario неместный 2009-12-30T14:45:22+03:00 level 2 8 bit-city Данила Гулин Cyberbrother — Cyberbrothers #1 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Posidor Cyberbrother — Cyberbrothers #3 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Posidor Андрей Стволинский — 10.000.километров 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Андрей Стволинский Д.Наумов — Пиковая Дама 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Диана Синеокая Елена Цодыковская — Xudoznik - Supersonic (9000 photos) 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Елена Цодыковская Иван Максимов — Туннелирование 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Иван Максимов Игорь Sodazot — Make Food No Blood 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 sodazot Игорь Sodazot — Microcosmos 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 sodazot Игорь Sodazot — Считалка 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 sodazot Игорь Шмелев — ELMEXTERMINATOR 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Игорь Шмелев Игорь Шмелев — Hot Chip 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Игорь Шмелев Selfburning — Piece 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Экспериментальный фильм. Selfburning Selfburning — Dream 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 Selfburning Ян Калберзин — Холодный пот 2009-12-30T14:44:09+03:00 vrotobral