Cyberbrothers is an international community of creative people, united by desire to create, to be heard and valued, and most importantly — to be among people with similar interests.

We believe that in a world there exist so much information and incredible amount of creative works, their originality and quality have increasingly important role to play.

Cyberbrothers is more than an Internet portal that provides hand-picked original, innovative and interesting video and audio materials. It is also a living, evolving organism, which welcomes all kinds of creative activity.

We are creating a new generation of interactive media, media you can speak of that it is interesting to you with. Media, which not only entertains, but teaches.

We believe in openness, innovation and the provision of equal opportunities.Our goals are: to create unique, exciting social environment, develop new ways of expression and communication and shape a new culture.

We invite all who share these principles to join us and discover new ways of translating this vision of the Internet and modern culture in life.